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New Algorithm of Serbia

I AM HAPPY TO INFORM YOU ABOUT SUBSCRIPTION SALES: Business novel NEW ALGORITHM OF SERBIA by Branko Dimitrijević and Mirjana Prljević ~ Brooch binding 1,320.00, hardcover 1,650.00 ~ HERAedu, Belgrade, Vlajkovićeva 19 ~ Phone: + 381 11 3240 391 ~ Current account : 155-32413-62 Halkbank ~ For more information: [email protected] A BOOK TO HELP YOU DISCOVER YOURSELF – A BOOK THAT WARNS WHY HABITS ARE GOOD SERVANTS AND BAD MASTERS – A BOOK THAT TEACHS HOW TO SERVE NEXT GENERATION ~ COMING SOON IN BOOKSTORE – NOW WE INVITE YOU TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BENEFIT

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