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If you are interested in creating or improving your strategic position, you can contact me via email [email protected] and schedule a consultation, lecture in your company or join the thematic workshops that we held regularly.





These are just some of the key questions I am being asked. Now you too can find answers to questions that improve your business at the strategic level of management.

What is strategic positioning and how does it contribute to my success in business or life?

How is the Positioning Strategy defined and implemented?

How can I strengthen my micro, small or medium enterprise in business?

Why is it sometimes better to be an Entrepreneur, and sometimes to have your own company from the aspect of the more successful market business?

Formula 3 x3 = It is You, defines each of the necessary steps of your business through the Marketing Offer Package, Unique Sales Proposal and POS Material

How do Planning and Control harmonize in the implementation of your strategy?

In what way and how much employees need to know about your organization's business strategy?

How does the Digital Transformation process affect our business and work organization?

And remember, STRATEGY is your best SHIELD in business!

The more specific the strategy is, the better your shield will guard you.