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This book is a practicum which offers a unique way of strategic thinking, basic elements of analysis (business plan), as well as instruments (7P marketing mix package) which together, properly used, can lead to a desired objective.

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Mirjana Prljevic Matematics is the key of the War
Communication is the key of the Peace

During the session at the 4th World Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations which was held in Qatar in December 2011, titled Long-term Strategy for Global and Sustainable Development Based on Civilization Partnership, I took an active role on defining of strategic guidelines for development of civil society in accordance with the Future of Civilizations Global Forecast for 2050, when we came up with the following conclusions:

1. Only through an integral approach and through strategic partnerships between various parties involved in the development of society, from the state to each individual, can we make the first steps forward towards the development of process for sustainable development, both on global and local level, for each individual country;

2. The development of new, specific institutions and mechanisms is required in order to implement the said strategy completely;

3. A synthesis of well-designed projects has to be implemented which would lead to revolutionary solutions pertaining to computer sciences, scientific and educational dimension of the society’s development;

4. The most endangered areas have to be clearly identified which are of importance for thorough global transformation of society, followed by active participation aiming to change the society in accordance with the set goals.

As a worldwide adviser for strategic positioning and business intelligence, this is the place where I would share with you some of the most important strategic values for our present and future, such as strategic positioning, strategic philanthropy, transformation of war’ legality conjointly with Tesla peace frequency impact.

Strategic philanthropy which is to the full meaning of the word defined as a unique and powerful module for successful combining of company’s marketing objectives with the desire to enhance social wellbeing, is based on the complete fulfilment and belief that full engagement in the sphere of civil society produces necessary steps which serve to the society as the indicators of pervading strategic values which have been endangered, obstructed, forgotten or understated.

It requires constant listening of the market and the civil society.                 Sincerely yours Mirjana Prljevic


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