2008 China CEO Forum

September 2008

In the period between September 1st and September 24th, Mirjana had visited China, promoted her book at the biggest Book Fair in the World, held in Tianjin, gave lectures in Shanghai and Beijing faculties and participated in the most prestigious Asian economists` forum - CEO FORUM 2008, organized in Beijing on September 20th. Closer insight is available within the text "Book Promotion in China", page 1. Here and now, we present her most significant moments:

During her visit to the Schaolin Monastery, Mirjana`s book was blessed by the respectable monk Yua Yu who had carried Olympic torch, on behalf of the Schaolin Monastery, during the Opening Ceremony of the previous Summer Olympic Games.

Mirjana was honored with the tour of the Great Wall, the Confucius Temple, the Heavenly Temple, the Solar Temple, and the Yang-Tseu-Kiang organized by her colleagues from the EWINBOOK Publishing House as well as our well know journalist Zorana Baković.

Mirjana gave more than 15 interviews to the most significant economist magazines in China and participated in program of the respectable Shenhai TV. Photoes from the interview to the FAR EAST Economy Pictorial are given as a addition to this text.

Mirjana had had several important meetings during the CEO FORUM 2008 most important being those with Mr. John Neisbitt, Megatrend author, as well as Professor Kawada Makoto from Japan, founder of the Toyota Process System. Both of them supported her methodology presented in her book ``The Strategy of Positioning as a Key to a Success`` as well as in her lecture entitled "Driving Forces of Innovation – Critical Transformation for the Companies"