Strategy of Positioning as The Key to Success

About the book:

Book is practicum which offers unique way of strategic thinking, basic elements of analysis (business plan), as well as instruments (7P marketing mix package) which together, properly used, can lead to a desired objective.

The American association USAID has included the book in the business development program for SME and start-up training programs in Serbia, while the worldwide faculties and business schools added the book to the extra reading list of professional literature for the subject of marketing. Find concrete examples of positioning of SME, big company, association and chamber of commerce.

Awarded as The Book of the Year at International BrendFair 4, Belgrade, 2006

Supported and recommended by CCIP Chambre de Commerce et Industrie de Paris, Ministry of Economy of PR of China, Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, USAID ACDI VOCA program, Dutch SPARK program for SME, University of Jean Moulin III, Lyon, Limoges, Economic Faculty Sarajevo, Banka magazine Croatia, Swiss School of the Superior studies in Geneva, IFOP Canada & North America, CEFIS Airline Cost Intelligence London,

“Positioning is not what you have done for your product. Positioning is what you have done to the consumer's mind about the perception of your product"
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